New Project: Teenage Love 

So I started this new project - Teenage Love with fellow Danish songwriter/producer, Anna Lidell. I'm tired of working alone - I need some company.

Everything has been so heavy this past year losing Dad (and love), AND I have all these fun songs with an electro-pop vibe sitting on my computer… So I decided I would dress them up with Anna and start a new project - which is now Teenage Love. Anna happened to be in New York City during the spring while I was there, and we hung out. We've known each other about…Read more


Dad - Mom wanted to send you a message too, so here it is (below). I hope someday I can find a partner who loves me this much. Knowing who you were, I can see (easily) how she would write these words. :) 

A YEAR LATER - from Virginia Baker, loving Wife and Mother of three

I DON’T know if I can write the feelings in my heart. I don’t want to make them anything more or less than what they are. 

You have been gone now over a year, and the pain I feel is as though you left me yesterday. How do I explain that ?

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Dear Dad,

Last year during April, you tried to stick around, but the 'powers that be' didn't let you stay. I'm not religious (as you know), but I do have this sense of inner magic about life - even though it can be really hard to connect with at times (insert Planet Earth sequence here where wolf eats baby deer). This is great for a sense of mystery (while being human here on earth), but it doesn't work well on the ritual side of things. Your 'funeral' was just what you asked for - a party with friends and…Read more

Art, Art, Art  

Just played some of my tunes at the NOoSPHERE Arts benefit auction this past week. Here is a link to my facebook page, showing some of the shots taken with Thea Beemer on vocals. It was fun (as usual) being back in New York, surrounded by the insane pace of the city - even if I was drowning in snow and slush for a few days on the way to both gallery performances. Where's my limo??? No, really... :)

I also decided to post (here) some of the audio composition from my performance art piece executed that evening…Read more

New Song - Amsterdam  

So I finished mixing this little tune - Amsterdam (recorded and written in Berlin - click on the link and spread it around). I thought this picture was appropriate (that's me in the hat above). My facial expression matches the main theme of the song - namely of wanting something (someone) you can't have - never mind the reasons.

Consequently, in this photograph, my older brother (the bored-looking lad with the Star Trek Tee) was obviously too cool to let me play with him and his friend. I was annoyed…Read more

Peel Slowly And See Festival 

I just performed in one of my favorite spots in Europe - Leiden (Netherlands). It's close to Amsterdam and I know some good people there. Those good people also invited me to perform in a small, intimate festival called 'Peel Slowly and See'. I shared the stage with some notable songwriters - namely Teitur (from the Faroe Islands in Denmark), Jan Van Stips - keyboard player and arranger for the famous Dutch Band Golden Earring - he doesn't do solo shows often, so this was extra special. And last but…Read more

Last Show at the Living Room, Family Time and NYC.. 

Wow it's been a while since I've blogged. And I'm sure the world has been dying to hear what I have to say...;) Been 'home' in Arizona with Mom for some badly needed family time (after losing Dad this past April). Escaping in a good way, and just being with loved ones. We took some portrait shots of me during sunset and sunrise in Sonoita, AZ. It was fun to play with the camera. I miss Dad. This blog feels weirdly like a diary sometimes and also not, as I am not sure if anyone reads this stuff. :) 

I spent…Read more

Copenhagen Songwriter Festival 

This entry is a little late, but heartbreak has been delaying this post. Insert tiny violin here to accompany my sad words :).. Copenhagen was both great and awful. So I'll start with the awful because that came first (when I arrived), followed by the great that saved the trip. The awful was that I fell in love with someone there over a year ago, and recently that had to end. I could write a comical script about my tragic love life, if you can call it that. Maybe I will someday. With the death of Dad soon…Read more

BLN.FM radio time, here comes Copenhagen, Tanztheatre 

Roman Kern found me at my last performance in Berlin and kindly asked to play some of my tracks on his radio show, Kern­stück. Right after I landed in Berlin (from doing shows in NYC), I was asked to play a Birthday celebration for a friend of a friend - private party kinda thing. :) It was fun. Got to play with some other musicians, and Roman was there - he  has a radio show on BLN.FM - Kern­stück. I'm on the playlist for show #017. MY BERLIN RADIO DEBUT!!!! :) Haha. 

I'm buried in my computer composing…Read more

Back in Berlin 

So I'm back - soaking in the perfect weather here whilst furiously writing and producing the next batch of songs. YES - I will start releasing some soon for people to hear on the site - I swear I will get better at doing this. It's taken me a while to get here - DIY means you literally do EVERYTHING yourself, and that means working around the clock just to get some of the basic things done. I'm basically a wandering troubador at this point - with a lot of heavy electronic equipment in my suitcase. Unlike…Read more

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