Back in Berlin

So I'm back - soaking in the perfect weather here whilst furiously writing and producing the next batch of songs. YES - I will start releasing some soon for people to hear on the site - I swear I will get better at doing this. It's taken me a while to get here - DIY means you literally do EVERYTHING yourself, and that means working around the clock just to get some of the basic things done. I'm basically a wandering troubador at this point - with a lot of heavy electronic equipment in my suitcase. Unlike most chicks, mine isn't filled with shoes - it's filled with large pieces of gear. Not sure why I constantly need to roam cities on the planet to feel comfortable in my own skin, but that's just how it is these days. 

Got some shots of a few scenes here in the city while out with friends - one of the sun setting over Berlin (see the tv tower!) - a rooftop party/event I went to with Txuca (my lady buddy and photographer), and some others of this incredible flat I'm staying in for a few days. A friend is letting me crash at her crib - I swear it's a living meditation. I'm needing some healing right now, so this place is a godsend for the short time I have it. 

Missing Dad a lot lately - there are moments when I realize he's truly gone and I feel so hollow and so incredibly sad. The emotions come in a flood at moments unexpectedly, and I have to run and hide. If with friends, sometimes I accidentally subject them to my sadness. Let's just say I have good friends that let me cry a lot. :)

Taking this time to get material finished so I can perform it for the festival in Copenhagen and the shows currently being booked. I will be coming back to New York City in October and am stewing plans in a pot. I hope you will come hang out with me when I plan a party. Tootles for now. 


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