BLN.FM radio time, here comes Copenhagen, Tanztheatre

Roman Kern found me at my last performance in Berlin and kindly asked to play some of my tracks on his radio show, Kern­stück. Right after I landed in Berlin (from doing shows in NYC), I was asked to play a Birthday celebration for a friend of a friend - private party kinda thing. :) It was fun. Got to play with some other musicians, and Roman was there - he  has a radio show on BLN.FM - Kern­stück. I'm on the playlist for show #017. MY BERLIN RADIO DEBUT!!!! :) Haha. 

I'm buried in my computer composing some new things related to the upcoming album - which is of course, about death, life and rebirth. It is helping me work through all the challenges of coping with Dad leaving the planet. 

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  • Vbaker

    Vbaker Az

    How can I hear show #017???

    How can I hear show #017???

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