Last Show at the Living Room, Family Time and NYC..

Wow it's been a while since I've blogged. And I'm sure the world has been dying to hear what I have to say...;) Been 'home' in Arizona with Mom for some badly needed family time (after losing Dad this past April). Escaping in a good way, and just being with loved ones. We took some portrait shots of me during sunset and sunrise in Sonoita, AZ. It was fun to play with the camera. I miss Dad. This blog feels weirdly like a diary sometimes and also not, as I am not sure if anyone reads this stuff. :) 

I spent three weeks cooking heart-healthy meals for my Mama because I need her to stick around to keep me sane. I almost passed out once, and when I did the first thing I thought was, 'I'm dying. Oh my God I'm dying and all I want is my Mom'. Call me a wuss, whatever - Mom is the source of love from whence I entered this world (is that English?), and she will always represent that for me, so I'm going to fight to keep her here for a long time.... So during this time in Arizona, I wrote this song, which I am finishing. It's about death. But before that sounds too solemn, let me say that it has a lot of humor - it's about how we all have to face death, but in a funny sort of 'live like you really want to live' kind of way, knowing that will happen at some point, and that we shouldn't be so ominous about that fact if we can help ourselves. A lot of the upcoming album is about death and birth, the cycle - how they are strongly linked and how we both embrace and deny these aspects of our humanity. Humans are so silly. Or at least I am. If only I could shut my mind off. Can't so I guess I will throw up a song so I can live with myself..

So while in NYC, which was very brief this time around, we did one show at the Living Room ('we' is me, Fred and Thea) - the last show, just a week before they close down their Lower East Side location. I hope they open up at a new location as promised. They are one of the few local venues that care about sound and booking quality acts. Venues like these are special, and they should be preserved as long as possible - so many have closed down in the city. I will keep my fingers crossed.

I also did my first 'interview' with Zoe Speas, who blogs for the Orensanz foundation - a venue and arts space on the Lower East Side. She took me for a tour and I couldn't believe how gorgeous the space was. If you go on my instagram there is a shot of the inside. The neon lighting you see is strategically placed for maximum effect. The space is the oldest former synagogue in NYC, and one of the oldest in the U.S. It's now used as a music or event venue (Phillip Glass performed there several months ago). The upstairs has recently been turned into a gallery space, which I hope to perform in when it opens. ;) Anyhow, we did a friendly interview and that will be posted online soon. I'm living in so many places these days I'm feeling a bit scattered. Can't find that earing, or that pair of shoes, or that piece of gear. I'm getting good at losing attachment to material 'things', which I'm finding is a good thing.

I am happy to be heading back to Berlin in two days, then to Holland (Leiden, specifically) to play a little festival called Peel Slowly and See. I will share the stage with some fine musicians, and am definitely looking forward to it. It's been a crazy week here, and now I'm feeling sleepy. Just had several glasses of port with a friend. Do I sound like a grandma, because that's what it feels like as I am typing this. I'm in a contemplative mood these days, which is private, low-key and not so wild. Yesterday I bought a pair of tight pants with panther fangs on it from urban outfitters (how original) so I look super dangerous should I feel in the mood to break this granny spell.. Or at least a hilarious mood, if nothing else. I'm totally going to wear those out tomorrow while I go shopping. Yeah.

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