New Project: Teenage Love

So I started this new project - Teenage Love with fellow Danish songwriter/producer, Anna Lidell. I'm tired of working alone - I need some company.

Everything has been so heavy this past year losing Dad (and love), AND I have all these fun songs with an electro-pop vibe sitting on my computer… So I decided I would dress them up with Anna and start a new project - which is now Teenage Love. Anna happened to be in New York City during the spring while I was there, and we hung out. We've known each other about two years as friends through friends, and we are both writers and producers. I've seen Anna perform a few times and have always loved her voice and presence on stage. I can't believe it even took this long for us to get together - we're practically doppelgängers living on either side of the pond... 

SO I said, 'Hey - let's do a project'. Fortunately, she was into the idea, so I came back to Copenhagen during the summer in July and joined her at her summer house in Mols (Denmark). We camped there for about three weeks, picking veggies from her family garden, cooking with friends, writing music and swimming in the sea. It was all pretty wholesome and productive, and fucking SILLY.. :) It literally saved me.

A month later, we had five songs, which we performed in two festivals back-to-back in Denmark during mid-August. I couldn't even believe we got it all done in such a short time, but we did!!! :) 

So now we have a few tunes up on the Teenage Love Sound Cloud page (if you click here). Everything has been happening so fast we can hardly keep up with it. I guess we need a website, now, because we've already gotten a review from Bands of Tomorrow (of our live performance together). Danish National Radio is featuring us in Denmark - and now we're getting major play on some of the top radio stations - which is a first for me. I won't say it's not fun.. 

Next concert for Teenage Love is in Rome. After that, I go back to Copenhagen and we finish our first EP, I guess, since the songs are coming out so FAST! :) SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE. Give 'em our Facebook page or twitter (we'll have a website or SOMETHING up soon)...

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