Peel Slowly And See Festival

I just performed in one of my favorite spots in Europe - Leiden (Netherlands). It's close to Amsterdam and I know some good people there. Those good people also invited me to perform in a small, intimate festival called 'Peel Slowly and See'. I shared the stage with some notable songwriters - namely Teitur (from the Faroe Islands in Denmark), Jan Van Stips - keyboard player and arranger for the famous Dutch Band Golden Earring - he doesn't do solo shows often, so this was extra special. And last but certainly not least, Yori Swart - a beautiful Dutch Songwriter - I really enjoyed her performance. The concert was sold out and in a very intimate theatre space. It was nice to play for a group that is attentively listening. I was sort of the odd man out as I had electronic samples going (beats, etc.) with my performance, but people seemed enthusiastic enough, so I'll go ahead and assume it went well. The review said as much and can be read here (in Dutch, however). Google translate works well for those of you not fluent... ;)

I also got my fill of stroopwafels, which I've been told (I wish I didn't know this) can be found in supermarkets here in Berlin. It's basically two thin, sugary waffles pressed together with caramel in the middle. DEATH!!! I grabbed one at the Saturday market - hot. Yum. 

So now I'm going to be in Berlin for six more weeks. I will be updating!!

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