Katy Gunn is an American songwriter, music producer, violinist, and performance artist. 


Katy's works span several genres including hip hop, soul, classical, electronica and trip-hop. Recent awards/collaborations/ include Best New Artist at the Copenhagen Songwriter Festival (2013) and a feature on a title track with MDOT and Method Man (Wu Tang Clan).  Her electro-pop duo, Teenage Love, has been featured by Danish National Radio, NPR, GAFFA, and various tastemaker blogs internationally - both as a performing act and a producer of other up-and-coming acts in Denmark. Katy's solo musical works have been debuted by Last Frontier (NYC), Dixon Theatre (NYC), and featured by publications such as Paste Magazine and The Deli (NYC). 

As the in-house performer/composer at NOoSPHERE ARTS and a member of The Mothership art collective in Brooklyn, Katy's ties to the underground art scene in New York City provide a platform for her 'other life' as a composer/performance artist. Performing at exhibitions and events, Katy incorporates choreographed movement with music and audience interaction, emphasizing themes related to human connection and the female identity.

Katy's solo release - Whispering Voices, was created for choreographed performance of her song compositions alongside interdisciplinary artist and performer, Autumn Kioti. Whispering Voices was composed as part of a multi-disciplinary group exhibition aiming to evoke our inner-connectedness as human beings, tapping into the elusive source that binds us all. All the samples used for this release were created by Katy's voice and hands, further manipulated via techniques in Ableton Live to create full song compositions. The release reflects an inner struggle for identity and meaning, with an emphasis on both the beauty and inner conflict of being human.